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Why aren't the full addresses on the map or list?

This is because I have been asked not to share the exact address by the seller.  But it is very close and you should be able to find the eggs
easily.  The seller will give you the address once you have arranged for pickup with them.

Will information be updated?

I will try my best to update prices and addresses but sometimes it may     be out of date.       If you see something that needs updating please contact me by filling out the form on the About page.
It is up to the seller to email me to let me know any changes or if their prices have gone up.
I am not responsible for any information that is not current.


This website is designed only to show you on a map, where local egg sellers are. 
Unfortunately at this time I cannot provide information regarding egg availability. 
As well, this website is not for ordering eggs. 
Please find the closest egg seller to you and message them directly.

Can I get my address added? 

Yes of course! This page is for anyone selling farm fresh eggs in BC.
Please  fill out the form on the About page and include your address, price and any special instructions, 

And I will add you to the map! 
Please note if you don't provide the full address, a pin will not appear on the map. 
It will only be seen on the list on the left hand side.

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