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About Eggfinder

My name is Tina and I started this website because of my love of eggs, specifically

 farm fresh eggs.  I moved to Langley over 5 years ago and was opened to the world

of farm fresh eggs.  Over the years, I had thought to myself, hey why don't I make a map

of all the local egg farmers out there selling their eggs!   Especially when the pandemic hit and there were no eggs to be found anywhere and so I started this website.


It's a way we can buy local and support those in our community.

I will try my best to update addresses, prices and specific instructions that egg sellers give me.    If you find something on here that needs to be changed please don't hesitate to contact me via the form below!

And if you know of an address that wants to be listed, please send me their full address, price

per dozen of eggs and any specific instructions like calling or texting first.

I hope you enjoy!

Let's work together

Thanks for submitting!

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